Massage Therapy

It is very important for your baby's relaxation and development. A great volume of newborn babies experience muscle traumas and contractions due to pressure and stress during birth.

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This may cause serious distress and uneasiness in the first year of the baby development. These problems which the baby will experience in the first year manifest as sleep disturbance, restlessness, gas pains and muscle contractions (neck, back, arm and leg, etc.). Rotational movements, sitting, crawling and walking may be delayed in babies with muscle trauma and contraction.


In order for babies not to experience these problems, it is beneficial to perform massages and small exercises, starting from 3 months to 1 year old.

Provides strengthening of muscles


Strengthens the baby's nervous and immune system

Strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps them digest

Strengthens the bone structure

Stimulates the nervous system by physically contacting the baby's skin

Helps fine and gross motor development

Accelerates body development

It is desgined to enhance the protection of babies from diseases

Massage on the baby's abdomen will relieve gas pains

Initiates impulse current into the brain

Provides brain development and psychological relaxation

Accelerates blood circulation and sends oxygen to tissues

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