Research has shown that physical exercise is linked with multiple health benefits in children who engage in it from an early age. In addition to increasing physical strength and courage, it also fosters ability to listen, to take turns, to work as a team and helps children learn to celebrate success of others.

bubu island gymnastics room
bubu island gymnastics room
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Even in early childhood gymnastics can help develop self-confidence and self-steem in toddlers.

Numerous studies have shown that exercise stimulates growth of brain cells, birth of new ones and stimulates the ability of the brain to form new connections. Associations between fitness and hippocampal cerebral blood flow reinforce the importance of aerobic fitness during a critical period of child development (e.g. Chaddock-Heyman et al 2016)


Are you aware that one study found that the more physically fit a child is, the larger hippocampus tends to be (Chaddock-Heyman et al 2014); this suggest there is a link between exercise and not only brain volume, but also learning and memory capability.

Stimulates cognitve growth

Strengthens muscle and bone structure

Improves coordination and spatial awarness

Makes children more aware of their body

Fosters socialization and responsibility

Increases balance and concentration


Helps to eliminate posture disorders

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