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Bubu Island is amazing! From when my son and daughter started going they’ve only gotten more eager to to go back. The whole team are very well trained, caring, considerate, patient and helpful, plus the centre is very clean with a beautifully warm, homely and delectable feel to it. This definitely has to do with the great experience all the kids get from attending. What my kids are gaining is priceless, but most importantly, they are happy and having fun.

happy woman with mouth open and blue and yellow balloons behind her Armaan & Alara's Mom

After being home and becoming a bit of a “Germo-Phobe” due to the pandemic, a friend of mine mentioned how her and her children just love Bubu Island. So, after avoiding it, I decided to head off with my babies and see if it was for us. From the second I walked into Bubu Island I felt different. A wonderful sense of relaxation overwhelms you. And the kids… Oh the kids love it! Forget toys and iPads… All they want is Bubu Island. I only regret I had been sooner.

circular image of children lying down wearing glasses on a rug The Parker Family

An actual island: swimming, massage, a gymnastic room, even rock climbing, all with qualified professionals! The space is clean and super stylish! My son comes for swimming classes and enjoying the playroom afterwards. Most importantly, Liam utilizes his energy in the best possible way, while learning and developing physically. I trust Bubu Island 100% and recommend to all the parents, who wants their kids to have quality activities.

circular image of child being thown in air while in water with adult Maria, Erdinc & Liam Tan

We were fortunate to spend a summer watching our children (aged six months and four years old) develop through swim and gymnastics at Bubu Island. Many elements of Bubu island come highly recommended from our household: the classes, the coffee, the café’s plethora of options, the cleanliness, the community and finally the cheesecake! Investing in our children’s happiness is always a good idea, but by investing our family time at Bubu Island, we were able to experience far more.

circular image of family in resturant overlooking bosphorus The Eddies


A diversified assortment of activities, all of them under one roof, where babies, toddlers, kids, and of course, their families, come together in spending quality time together.

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A Place for the Whole Family

A Family club for those who want to swim and grow up healthy before walking. Children 0-8 years old and parents, welcome!