Workshops + Playgroups

Play represents one of the central pillars to social, emotional, physical and cognitive developments in lives of babies, toddlers and children.

two children lying down looking through toy blocks
children playing with blocks
sailor and grumpy bubu characters

The importance of play has proven to be so great it has been recognised by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a basic right of every child.


Enroll your child in one of our creative workshops and playgroups where we;

Read books

Solve puzzles

Develop attention span and focus


Provoke imagination and curiosity

Work on expanding language abilities

Promote empathy and group participation

Explore many other aspects of this serious activity called play!

children standing and playing

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A Place for the Whole Family

A Family club for those who want to swim and grow up healthy before walking. Children 0-8 years old and parents, welcome!