Looking for something that’s fun, social, and relaxing, at the same time as giving you a workout, then our aquagym class may be just the thing for you.

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Aquatic therapy can provide relief in multiple ways. The warmth and buoyancy of the water offers relief from back pain by relaxing tired muscles and removing up to 80% of one’s body weight.


According to research, swimming and water activities are the most appropriate physical activities that women can take part in during pregnancy. Thanks to the buoyancy of the water, you can do a variety of exercises with natural movements without straining.

Allows you to maintain your physical form during pregnancy

Relieves muscle and joint pain


Reduces edema In your body during pregnancy

Eases down natural birth

Enables oxygen to reach the muscles quickly from the blood

Helps your pelvis (hip) floor muscles gain flexibility in preparation for birth

Allows the spine to be stretched and aligned

Balances your weight

Relaxes the heart and vascular systems

Balances your blood pressure

Strengthens immune system and increases your virus resistance

Provides the opportunity to connect with your baby in a relaxing environment

Strengthens your abdominal muscles

Allows you to get rid of fatigue

Prepares for birth with breathing techniques

Provides sleep patterns

Relaxes your central nervous system

You learn to reduce and control the contractions and pains you experience during childbirth

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