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Parenting is the most special and eventful journey, but not an easy one. Our mission is to support the family through this adventure by creating a world of communal experience for them and their children.

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Water Health and Safety


We teach your baby not to forget the innate breath holding and pushing reflexes and to take the first steps to swim by using those effectively.

Balance, Strength, Confidence


Research has shown that physical exercise is linked with multiple health benefits in children who engage in it from an early age. With gymnastics enabling the development of self-confidence and self-esteem in toddlers.

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womans hands massaging baby's feet
Relaxtion Therapy


Massage plays a central role to your baby's relaxation and development. A great volume of newborn babies experience muscle traumas and contractions due to pressure and stress during birth.

Social Competence & Empathy


Play represents one of the central pillars to social, emotional, physical and cognitive developments in lives of babies, toddlers and children.

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pregant women doing water aerobics
Muscle Endurance, Flexibility


Research has proven that swimming and water activities are the most appropriate physical activities that women can take part in during pregnancy.

Equilibrium, Peace, Stress Relief


Pregnant yoga is a practice for expecting mothers to have a much more comfortable pregnancy period, to support the spine and waist with yoga and breathing, and to reduce tension.

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family of five sitting at bubu island cafe
A place for


We created a world where parents can feel comortable to play and bond with their children, but also let them explore while they are getting comforable themselves. Book your massage, yoga, pilates, kick box session, enjoy one of our group lessons, or simply relax in our cafe. Also, keep any eye out for upcoming educational seminars for parents.

Happy, Healthy Family


We have prepared some healthy delights for our little Bubulanders and their adults in our Bubu cafe. Come and check us out!

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A Place for the Whole Family

A Family club for those who want to swim and grow up healthy before walking. Children 0-8 years old and parents, welcome!