Tetiana Inanbil, one of the founders and trainers of Bubu Island, was born in 1986 in Russia. Tetiana Inanbil, who felt herself as a native of the Black Sea because she grew up in the city of Kerch in the Crimea, on the coast of the Black Sea, grew up feeling the influences of both cultures in her life. Tetiana Inanbil started her academic life at the Faculty of Law in Kharkov, then completed the baby development, infant and pre-school swimming coaching department with a master’s degree from the Novosibirsk Pedagogical and Sports University.

She was introduced to baby swimming lessons in September 2012 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, when she started baby swimming lessons with her son at a school that only provides swimming training for infants. As she always states, his son is the biggest factor for the start of her adventure in the field of education. Tetiana Inanbil’s educational journey, which lasted for 4-5 years, started with her son’s improvement in the first 7 months of his training, which he started when he was 8 months old, and his ability to stand on the water without assistance at 15 months.

In Russia and Kazakhstan, Tatiana comleted her swimming training in an academic system within the fields of sports, physical development and health. She received training from instructors and she progressed while applying different styles of trainings since the 1960s.

After returning to Turkey in 2016, she started to give lessons in hotel pools in Ataköy on the European side of Istanbul and in Bostancı on the Asian side. In 2018, she opened her own place in Ataşehir under the name of Star Baby Swim Club. Operating here for about 2 years, she then started to work on Bubu Island, where there are more extensive activities, disinfection and specially designed pools for babies.

“For 4 years, I met very nice people in our trainings. The parents who participated in our trainings approach baby swimming training consciously and share my thoughts. This is due to swimming being the only activity in babies which is the most beneficial for the development of babies from birth.”


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