I earned my bachelor degree in psychology at the University of York, following it up with specialized foundation education in psychotherapy at London’s Tavistock and Portman clinic, as well as with an MSc degree from LSE in social and organizational psychology. Developmental psychology was always my main interest area, with a special focus on how children’s mind and brain can best be stimulated to develop healthy aspects of individuality and personality.

Somewhat expectedly, my education and understanding of this field deepened significantly since I became a mother. When my son was two months old, I enrolled him in a swimming and massage program at Tanya’s school – “Star Baby Swim Club”. Over time I began spotting the wide-ranging benefits of these programs and slowly started talking to Tanya about how we could work together to expand and advance them in a carefully designated space that would facilitate the physical, mental, and creative well-being of our children.

At the same time, I was still (and will continue to be, as time keeps reminding me) on a mission to find my identity as a new mom. It happened that I ran into this quote once, by the artist Sarah Walker, where she said that “Becoming a mother is like discovering the existence of a strange new room in the house where you already live” and it hit me as the exact way I was feeling about the entire process. Despite having all of the possible support, I was struggling not to feel alone in this new room and was only at the start of discovering how to maintain and improve it. I needed to talk to other moms who felt the same way, I wanted to find out about more things I could do with my son, and I realized I also needed to make some time for myself.

So, I started dreaming of the perfect place for me and my family. I realized this place would include not only facilities and programs that would benefit children, but also mothers and fathers, entire families. A way to escape the metropolitan hustle and bustle that modern life brought upon us, and a way to integrate different needs caused by this transition, while confining it to a single place. Where the serenity of parenting is more than a phrase.

Welcome to Bubu Island Family Club!



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A Place for the Whole Family

A Family club for those who want to swim and grow up healthy before walking. Children 0-8 years old and parents, welcome!

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