Bubu Island Family Club understands the full-weight of contemporary life, and how the metropolitan hustle and bustle of every day has made it unreasonably difficult to confine your family’s activities to the limits of your household. In recognizing this issue, Bubu Island Family Club had set itself a goal to form a diversified assortment of activities, all of them under one roof, where babies, toddlers, kids, and of course, their families, come together in spending quality time together. Wait, quality time? Sounds rather commonplace. Well, good news – we’re not common, we’re communal. Let’s see what we mean by that.

We mean swimming practices (yes, even before our babies take their first step), we mean creative workshops and playgroups where we read books, work on expanding language abilities, solve puzzles, develop attention span and focus (we know – a biggie nowadays), provoke imagination and curiosity, promote empathy and group participation, and explore all of those underlying aspects of the world’s most serious activity – play!

Isn’t every kid special? We think so! But what do we mean when we say kids with special needs! This means any child who might need extra help because of a medical, emotional, or learning problem. These children have special needs because they might need medicine, therapy, or extra help in school — stuff other kids don’t typically need or only need once in a while.

Getting to know and understand a special needs child, makes you understand what it’s like to be in their shoes. And we love helping fill a very special need, one that everybody has — the need for a good friend!

And yes, believe it or not, play is something that parents also possess a right to. That doesn’t mean someone else will take their place in any of the activities mentioned, on the contrary, their participation is essential and encouraged – but, just in case a parent might feel in need of a massage, a yoga class, a kick-box session, or a cup of coffee in our café, yes, all of that and more (eyes peeled for parents’ educational seminars) is a regular part of life on Bubu Island.



From Self Defense Classes to Prenatal Aerial Yoga, Workshops to Seminars based on our children’s’ well-being and a place to meet liked minded people, Bubu Island always has something new and invigorating to discover, for the whole family.

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Sail away from the harbor of your address, and into the peaceful welcoming hands of Bubu Islanders. Love is what you will find. That means another home, too.
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Let your loved one learn about consistency from an early age and it will be mirrored on the challenges they encounter later in their life. It has shown that children who engage in scheduled extracurricular activities perform better when their education starts and that they have heightened sense of security, control and confidence.

natalija vesely

Founder / M.Sc in Psychology

Natalija Vesely

M.Sc in Psychology

Founder / Infant Development Specialist

Tetıana İnanbil

Physical Education, Pregnant AquaGYM, Infant Swimming, Developmental Massage

Swimming Instructor

Cenk Utku Akkerman

Baby & Snap Swim

Central to our Bubu mission is the sensory motor development and the development of creative thinking in our little bubulanders, in addition to the peace of mind for their parents and guardians.

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A Place for the Whole Family

A Family club for those who want to swim and grow up healthy before walking. Children 0-8 years old and parents, welcome!

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